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Because a smoothie is always a good idea...especially if you are having one of those days when you just need some extra energy and this banana maca smoothie has the exact right ingredients to raise it up plus it tastes sooooo GOOD!

We are using our new coconut cups gifted by our beloved friends from @coconutbowls which makes any smoothie look mouth watering.. stay tuned for this beauties that will be launched soon

Now, have you heard about the plant-based superfood MACA? If not we have been doing a bit of research about its benefits to share with you:⠀

One of maca’s most marketable skills is that it can keep hormones in check

Maca has a lot of vitamin C, and that increases your collagen and fights free radicals that can cause everything from skin damage to inflammation. It’s also got vitamins D and E, which regulate collagen production as well

Amazing hey? This are just a few.. you can find more about it in this note published by the fitness and beauty editor @rachel_lapidos⠀


1 frozen banana ⠀

5 ice cubs

2 medjool dates⠀

1 tsp maca powder⠀

1 cup of almond milk

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. ENJOY! ⠀


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