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How to obtain a yummy milk caramel in 2 simple steps? Too Easy!!.. ⠀


1 Condensed Milk can

Water to boil

Just a bit of patience. ⠀


Remove label from the unopened can of condensed milk. ⠀

Place the can in a medium saucepan and fill up with water until the can is fully covered. ⠀

Bring to boil and leave uncovered for at least 3 hours.

Ensure there’s enough water to completely cover the can at all times and top up when needed. ⠀

Carefully remove the can from the boiling water. Allow to cool completely before opening. ⠀

Pour the caramel into a bowl and gently whisk with a spoon until there are no lumps left. ⠀

Enjoy the caramel as a spread, for cake fillings, desserts topping and with almost everything! ⠀ ⠀


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